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That's "The Kitchen Sink," which accurately encapsulates the approach taken buy the showrunner of Babylon Berlin. After three exhausting seasons, don't believe they've left out anything which sums up the "Anything Goes German Capital."

To whit (And this is a short list),

1. Nefarious financial uber-meisters who plan for the crash of October

of 1929, and put in methodologies to profit from it.

2. The underpinnings of the rise of Adolf Hitler . . . or as the Hysterical and

Brain-Damaged Left calls him, Donald Trump.

3. Gay and Lesbian characters who dominate so much screen time, the show

descends into a murderous form of Cabaret by Season 2.

4. Back alley abortions.

5. Pedophilia.

6. A movie within the movie that is so overproduced, I am surprised the

showrunner didn't decide a movie within the movie within the movie

might be a good idea.

7. Police officers by day. Hookers by night.

8. Drug addiction.

9. Oh, and murder, more murder, and even more murder.

The fully-invested cast is led by Volker Bruch, who plays Inspector Gereon Rath, a Berlin Police Detective who can't shoot, can't fight, and can't seem to arrest a single legit perp.

But he does seem to score a lot of Deutsche poontang.

Won't delineate the Byzantine plot, uh, make that PLOTS, and there is no way I can review this absolute sensory overload of images; sub-arcs; main tropes; supporting actors; good guy; bad guys; skanks; Lotharios; and Nazi Wannabes.

You have to see it for yourself.


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