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OH, BOO-HOO - Waaaaah. Work in an Office!?

I do NOT blame the Snowflakes for being Snowflakes.

I don't.


I blame us.

We raised them to be Snowflakes. We encouraged their Snow-Flakiness. We sat around on our expanding posteriors and let them push us around with no resistance, discipline, or beatings.

The list of nurturing stupidity is endless. Here are the highlights.

- Participation trophies

- Discussing "issues" with four-year-olds

- Mom's / Dad's taxi service

- European vacations for pre-teens

- Smoking pot with Mom and Dad

- Spine removal in the face of bullying. Punch the fucker.

- Rehab. Rehab. Rehab.

- Cosmetic Surgery for 16-year-olds

- Allowing them to find themselves . . . for 20 years

- Living in the basement . . . for 20 years . . . after graduation

The linked article has some self-righteous fat chick (Yes, I said it) as the accompanying photo to this narcissistic post. This is tiresome. The Shamdemic gave these overgrown babies, with underdeveloped social skills, an out for dealing with actual human beings. Now they wish to remain in their agoraphobic hovels?

The job, which is PAYING them, wants them back in the office?


Jesus H. Christ. STFU. Put your laptop in your designer backpack and report to your JOB.

And walk, or ride your bike.

Maybe you'll some weight.

And your lousy attitude of supreme self-indulgence.

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