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End of Problem

If you read anything from Substack, this is the article that should make even the densest member of the Hysterical Left slap themselves in the face and say, "What a douchebag. You're one of the morons who kept voting for More Homeless, More Graffiti, More Drug Addicts, More Skyrocketing Rents, More Trash, More Crime, and More Taxes." Chuck Nevius is a representative of what has ruined California. It's not illegal aliens (Though their excursions over the decades into the United States are applauded by dopes like Chuck). It's not droughts (Though the Chuck Neviuses of the world wouldn't dare let you dam up a river). It's not wildfires (Though sanctimonious putzes like Chuck Nevius won't vote for forest management because of how it will affect the environment). No, the problem is Chuck Nevius and every other excuse -making Democrat who ever filled out a ballot . . . or two. And now Chuck is leaving San Francisco. Yes. But like every other spineless turd whoever pulled the lever for the other spineless turd running for office, is it because of the deplorable conditions that Chuck Nevius has brought onto the city, and by consequence, the state? Of course not. It's not the excrement filled sidewalks; the drug-addled homeless; or the graft-siphoning politicos. It's not the cost of housing. The dirty streets. The needles. The lousy schools. The violent crime. The horrible public transportation. Oh no. It couldn't be that. It couldn't be what Chuck Nevius and his proverbial ilk have been voting for since 1980. Of course it's not that. Then what the FUCK is it, Chuck? I've written to CW "Chuck" Nevius several times about the blinders he's had on since 1980. I do get a response once in a while. It amounts to, "Yes, well I've heard all this before from people like you." Really, Chuck? If you've heard it all before for four FUCKING decades, why didn't you do SOMETHING about it, before you voted, once again for some sycophantic do-nothing and installed them in the various mayor's offices, governor's mansions, and state legislature? And now you're leaving? Because it's dirty and NOT SAFE? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? You're screwed San Francisco, and California, because of intellectual punks like Chuck Nevius. And what will those of you who remain do in November? Why you'll vote to keep Nancy Pelosi in Congress and any other Democrat because you just can't admit you've been WRONG for half a century. Do the rest of the country a favor, Chuck, and anyone else who recognizes the pile of manure they've turned San Francisco into. Stay there. Please don't fuck up anymore cities or states. Please.

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