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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC 2020, or The Year of Leftist Insanity


How much do you miss Rudy Giuliani? Take a walk through the Bronx in the next day or so and let me know.

Hard to tell which day it is in the ongoing "How To Destroy An American City."

     Observations from the news feeds this morning are not good.

     - The National Guard is in Atlanta

     - Children under the age of 18 are the Victims of Choice in Chicago

     - Bill de Blasio pulled the pin on the grenade in New York

     - Other metropolitan areas, including the Stick of Dynamite Formerly known as Minneapolis, have opened up gun ranges.

     Sadly, no one can figure out how to make any money off of them because the customers are shooting at each other. This greatly cuts down on a paying clientele.

     We've been here before. NYC and Chicago in particular, with a nod to Los Angeles and Detroit. Cities as test cases for excessive violent crime. Point to the American desire to keep and bear arms all you want. Fact of the matter is your average gun-toting non-urbanite is usually out shooting at tin cans or dinner. He/She is not trying to whack their next door neighbor, the police, or the local business owner.

     And to what do we owe this resurgence of Death Wish writ large?

     This has been going on since the previous surge (God I hate that word) in violent crime, which occurred sometime after World War II. It continues to this day in the many outposts too dumb or too corrupt to elect a Rudi Giuliani mayor.

     There are those who complained all the way through Mayor Giuliani's two terms, which saw an absolute cratering of violent crime.

     But the Hysterical Left is NEVER happy so this NYC collection of the ignorant parroted "Police State!" so many times, I wanted to make a huge donation to the SUNY campus in Manhattan and rename it Police State University.

     And NO ONE on the Hysterical Left will admit it, but brother do they miss Rudy.

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