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In And Out

I hope it doesn't come to this, but the formerly great city of NYC fell into lockstep with the conventional wisdom faster than the Germans did in 1938

Had to return the rental car today, and swap it for one that we use for the next two months. It was not without adventure.

Thinking I'm smart, I arranged to return Car #1 to Thrifty on the Upper West Side on 83rd Street; walk the two miles to Enterprise on West 48th Street; and pick up Car #2. Next, return to our apartment on West 61st Street and pick up additional stuff we need for our two month escape from The City That Used To Know How.

Which has turned into The City That Doesn't Even Ask Why. Back to the Cars.

I hustled down Amsterdam Avenue, cut over to 11th Ave, and found a notice on the door of the Enterprise rental agency informing me that "For the safety of our employees, we have closed this branch, please call our outlet at . . . " Yep.

West 83rd Street, literally across the street from the Thrifty I had left not 40 minutes before. Had this been during the era of the real NYC, you know, back when I could tell someone to go fuck themselves and not need to find an encounter group to help them, I'd have hitched up my pants and hustled back uptown.

Which is exactly what I did, because:

- I'm not giving another dime to Bill de Blasio. He's levied at $2.50 charge to allow you step inside a taxi. I'll walk, thank you.

- I will continue to tell people to piss off, including the ones walking around NYC in surgical masks, which is the new haute couture.

- I need the exercise. Sheltering in place sucks for workouts. I'm very good about getting out and running, circuit training, and/or walking 15,000 steps a day, but I REFUSE to watch a workout ON-LINE. Won't do it.

While NYC has given up, I have not. While the residents seem awestruck by some goombah who can't shut up about ventilators, I will call him what he is, a legacy hire.

And while everyone fled in terror the first time Dr. Fauci said "2 Million Dead," since revised to 60,000, I will remain stalwart in my unwillingness to bleat like a sheep and clap like a seal.

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