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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC - Flashback to the Execrable Year, 2020


After you get done fucking up your home state, please stay there and bathe in the sewage of confiscatory taxes, bad public schools, and no middle class. DO NOT BRING YOUR STUPIDITY TO OTHER STATES.

Much as I take some sort of sick delight in the misery of the Trump Derangement Syndrome Leftists capitulating in place in NYC, I do not want to see the political equivalent of a Pandemic sweep into conservative areas.

     New Yorkers will continue to leave New York. Californian flight will accelerate. The tax bases of New Jersey and Connecticut (Known as Southern Manhattan, and The Northern Bronx, respectively) will plummet.

     I have no sympathy for people who vote to INCREASE taxes and government control.


     But an unintended consequence of the Liberal intractability is more Liberal intractability.

     Case in point, formerly reliable conservative states are Florida, North Carolina, and Oregon. No longer. With an influx of Northeasterners who never look behind to witness the breathtaking destruction of scorched earth policies, those states are constantly in play as battleground states.

     Pennsylvania and Ohio should be bursting with conservatives, but are also always tight races nationally.

     I'll make a request to the perennially dumb.

     If you want to continue to destroy fab places like California, and New York, please do so and bask in the glory of no middle class, horrible public schools, and confiscatory taxes.

     But if you doofuses don't like what you've done and want to move, and there is no one more sympathetic to you than I, don't bring your ideology with you. Give it to the Bekins' transportation coordinator and ask them to please take it to the dump.

     Thank you.

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