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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC Flashing back to 2020 is giving me PTSD

Longmont or Boulder or Niwot

At this point, Camden, New Jersey, the city of my birth, is looking much more appealing than The Big Apple.

Much has happened in the almost month of residence in Boulder, Colorado. The Mayor of New York, Woodstock Bill de Blasio, has managed to muck up two more things today making a return less imminent. School re-openings and indoor dining.

     His missteps are adding to a desire to break the lease on 21 West End Avenue.

     But whither to?

     Since the lockdown started, temporary stays in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, and Colorado have gotten us to September. The latter is the current residence, Boulder to be exact, and has much appeal, should the wife's job extend into next year, a likely possibility.

     The question remains. How mucked up is New York going to allow itself to become? Woodstock Bill is a mess. Upstate, Sonny "The Ventilator" Cuomo has broken his arm patting himself on the back for his excellent response to CV19. As soon as he stops, perhaps he could take a moment and examine what The World's Dumbest Mayor has done to The Big Apple. Governor Leg Breaker should be concerned. Ensconced in NYC is most of the state's tax base,

     It’s sprinting from the city and taking tax dollars with it.

     The governor is keeping the stoner mayor around as a scapegoat.

     Sonny could fire de Blasio, and he should. The mayor of NYC has allowed crime to return to Squeegee Man levels as he fiddles around a mural of "Black Lives Matter." But the real Teflon Don is saving Woodstock Bill for when the tax bill comes due and all that's in the coffers is a $1.98.

     While these two bottom feeders screw up the Whore's Convention that is NYC, the road beckons. Winter, as is said, is coming, and lotsa family and friends populate the American Southeast.

     Road Trip!

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