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THE HILARIOUS COVID-19 PANDEMIC - Jesus, how much longer are the Dems going to flog this?


Test results pending for both the Coronavirus and the antibodies. See reasons for the conflicting lab work in the article to follow.

Having flogged the "Manhattan or Boulder" debate, and brow-beaten the stupid government officials over the lockdowns, am at a loss for today's diary entry.

     Did get tested for Covid a few days ago, twice. The first was inconclusive. The second is still awaiting word from the lab. A lab that appears to have as many false positives as, well, about every lab in the country.

     Also, at the request of a third party, received a Covid antibody test today.

     All the above fills me with as much confidence as a Joe Biden "speech.”

     If, for some reason, I have Covid, or HAD Covid, it is the most weak-ass virus on the planet. The only symptoms the disease has generated in me over the past SIX MONTHS, is an increase in cynicism and a migraine brought on by Sonny "The Ventilator" Cuomo threatening the populace to wear a mask, all the while not wearing one himself. Oh, his self-righteous, room-temperature IQ brother doesn't wear one either. I'm sure that's not helping my headaches.

     Perhaps the next report will be of my results from the CV19 re-test, and/or the antibody test administered this morning. Am glad to have these done. However, if data, statistics, and analysis get any worse in this country, we can defer to Mr. Spock who said during Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, "I will take my best guess."

     And what is with the ghoulish fascination with the death count due to CV19? It's not correct, and yet there are vigils shoving the number towards 200,000, or, ahem, hopefully a quarter million before election night.

     "A Quarter of a Million Americans Dead on President Trump's Watch."

     Is that right? It's not, but it will get lots of somber play by the network nitwit Stepford husband, David Muir. He'll sit in the anchor chair formerly occupied by fellow douchebag, Peter Jennings, and wish you all a good night while hitting "A Quarter MILLION" particularly hard.

     Had enough of the mainstream press yet?

     If I have the antibodies, I promise to share.

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