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A Baseball Time Travel Story

George W. Young's Debut Novel

Bobby Young, pro baseball phenom from 2020, mysteriously finds himself back in 1975 as a player for the Philadelphia Quakers.

He upends baseball history and rescues a franchise with a history of complete failure. But can he find his way back home? Does he want to? 
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Time Travel * Baseball * Philadelphia * Mystery * Alternate Reality

The Story Behind the Story

How do you travel through time? Is it even possible? Books, articles, scientific treatises, and research papers have approached the subject with the serious intent of investigation and discovery. The result? Nothing definitive. Speculation reigns.


TIME BLINKED is the result of years of attempts at crafting a travel narrative that doesn't require a degree in quantum physics and doesn't violate tenets of probability. Drafts, short stories, R&D. Nothing clicked. 


Then May of 2020. I blinked. The room in front of me shifted for the proverbial moment. My dog, Moose, disappeared AFTER the blink. He had been in the room before. Nothing else in the room changed, but Moose was gone.


No need to panic. He returned. But I had my device. A brief shift in the space/time continuum due to a simple BLINK. 


Movie producer. Dancer. Writer. And now novelist. They all fit together as one contiguous career in storytelling.


George speaks...about his novel and his writing, his contributions to movies you've loved, and video game production.


A prolific writer. George has a lot he shares on a variety of topics, stuff you will find fascinating. Check out the blog.

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