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DracuLAND (2022)  

A Novel 

Genres: Horror | Comedy | Apocalyptic

Elizabeth Chandler, NYC real estate mogul, purchases Romania’s Castle Dracula. The ambitious, but clumsy, scion of Astor Properties wants to turn it into the greatest theme park in Europe. 


Not one of her better ideas.


Construction commences and wakes up a dozen or so of the more violent creatures not seen on Man’s mortal plain for 500 years.


If the demise of the new owners was the only goal of said violent creatures, this would be a short book. But the more-than-500-year-old former occupants want to trigger the Second Coming and end The Age of Man.


Genuinely not one of Elizabeth’s better ideas.



Time Blinked (2021)

A Novel

Genres: Sci-Fi | Sports | The Mob

Bobby Young, a phenomenal baseball player in 2020, finds himself in 1975 as a member of Philadelphia Quakers. The MLB franchise never changed its original name. 


Bobby's appearance has altered history. 


The Quakers have NEVER won a National League pennant, but with Bobby on the roster, the team breaks through in 1975. They find themselves in the World Series, playing the hated New York Yankees. 


The Philly Mob hatches a plan to bribe the Quakers to throw the series and enlists four players to help them. They kidnap Bobby's then five-year-old Mother to extort him to lay down as well.


Can he finally help put the Quakers over the top and remain in 1975?


And can Bobby return to 2020? Will he even try?


Time Blinked book cover


"TIME Blinked is what The Natural would be if Roy Hobbs had traveled through time to play for the New York Knights. It's a joyride into a season that might have been, and the writer is obviously a lifelong baseball fan."

- Andrew R.

"I picked up this book and couldn't stop reading. I'd chew through 40-50 pages at a pop and was able to finish it off in a week. George has a unique way of pulling you into the story and setting the scene. This book is easy to read and fun. I can't wait for George's next foray into writing."

- James D.

Master of Arts (2022)

Short Story


Greg Mitchell, aspiring actor, lands an audition for “Moll Flanders.” He enters the casting room and is struck by a thunderbolt, an almost six foot tall drop-dead beautiful actress named Elaine. He stumbles his way through the script.


The audition ends. Greg and Elaine leave the casting room. 


Is she gone forever?


Beautiful Short Story Book

The Entwisles (2020)

Short Story


Max Lieberman, TV commercial director, has a fear of flying. But he must get from NYC to London in order to shoot a very lucrative spot with the Entwisle twins. The girls are notorious party hellions and Max's producer has trouble locating them. 


Will he find them? Will they be sober? Will Max make it to London without vapor-locking on the flight?


Twofer Compendium book
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