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Like Cockroaches, the Virtue-Signalers in Hollywood and Broadway are Multiplying at a Depressing Rate

Don't need to explain this to anyone paying attention. Some anecdotes which are representative of the stupidity in the entertainment industries as follows: SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK (NYC) - The august and perennial "free" venue in Central Park mounted 'Richard III' this Summer. Some of the more disturbing creative choices are 1) The titular character is a woman . . . if you know anything about the historic ruler, he was a MAN. 2) Somehow one of the Kings (Edward), a Caucasian, and the Queen (A Latifah lookalike dressed in Siegfried and Roy couture) had a child, or children who appeared to be a mix of Asian / South Islander / Nordic lineage. Love to see that 23 and Me. 3) ASL was used ad nausea, which is fine . . . as long as you have someone PROVIDING THE DIALOGUE TRANSLATIONS OUT LOUD. The show did not consistently. SIX (NYC BROADWAY) - Have not seen the show about Henry VIII, but the trailer shows the king's wives a representative lot of African-Americans, Southeast Asians, and the rare Caucasian. Don't know where you went to school, but I'm almost certain luminaries such as Catherine of Aragon, Jane Seymour, and Anne Boleyn were White. I don't mind giving minorities some representation. However, how about giving Whitey some representation, especially since the demographic of Henry's wives is Caucasian? ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING (HULU) - It took two seasons, but the somewhat entertaining series on Hulu finally had the gratuitous scene about fill-in-the-blank (ethnic minority du jour, gender confusion, gay) in order to virtue-signal their street cred. It took me right out of the scene, as a bunch of homeless people cadging a meal at the local diner went on and on about how progressive it was Selena Gomez's character was investigating her bisexual-ness. I've been in a ton of NYC diners since 1979. I don't believe I've ever heard the homeless discuss social issues. GASLIT (STARZ) - Don't know why I bother with anything Hollywood's modern day Alice The Goon (Julia Roberts) headlines. 'Gaslit' is Watergate attempt number 6,492 by the P.C. doofuses still reeling from Joe McCarthy's HUAC from 75 years ago. Alice the Goon plays Margaret Mitchell, the supposed controversial spouse of John Mitchell. If memory serves, no one cared about Margaret Mitchell 50 years ago, since she was irrelevant. Hollywood idiots do, especially mediocre talent Julia Roberts, whose career has, uh, careened into virtue-signaling part after virtue-signaling part. 'Gaslit' is a definite resume enhancer for Eric's sister. She'll get another year of invites to all the right parties so she can horse laugh at Trump jokes.

Tomorrow I'll list out shows that aren't interested in All Things Trump Derangement Syndrome. It will give the beleaguered viewer something to watch.

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