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ALASKA DAILY. Get Me Woodward &. . . Ah, Forget It

This will not be a full review as I have given up on the series. However, I am writing to laud the character played by Hillary Swank.

She plays Eileen Fitzgerald, an NYC / D.C. investigative reporter for a Big City Newspaper (Think NY Times/WaPo), who is disgraced by a source who sells her out to the shadow government over a Secretary of Defense nominee.

A former boss, Stanley (Jeff Perry) throws her a lifeline, but Eileen has to move to Anchorage and work for that city's rag.

Completely contrived, woke, P.C., virtue-signaling, indigenous people, misogynist crap ensues and I ripped the TV off the wall and threw it down 18 stories onto Riverside Blvd.

However, Ms. Swank plays a shockingly, hard-ass, reporter, who exerts complete command and control in the newsroom; refuses to listen to lame-ass Millennial and GenZ excuses as to why they can't get a police report, or are late, or didn't follow up something she assigned them to follow up; and ignores the ball-less story editor (Matt Malloy as Bob Young) whose incompetence is only exceeded by his lack of hair.

Ms. Swank refuses to play political games. She doesn't want to make nice. Hillary doesn't give a rip as to who "likes" her.

She's there to do a job, and a good one. If you're not willing to keep up, you can get the fuck out of her way.

As someone who spent 35 years in the film industry enduring a constant barrage of accusations about my attitude (Never heard many complaints about the quality of my work), I am surprised Hollywood allowed someone like Eileen Fitzgerald to exist.

Swank plays the consummate unicorn.

What? Someone who works in a tough, competitive industry is ready to walk if you don't appreciate HOW she is doing something? Get me one of those fainting couches reserved for Hysterical Leftists.

Goodness. She doesn't care what you think of her tone, her manner, her approach, or her point of view? She's going to do what she thinks is best, because that's why you hired her?

What's this world coming to?

Again, didn't like the first few episodes. Too many Alaskan natives making Caucasian jokes. Too many young people with BLM tattoos on their ass cheeks. Too many gutless men walking around with their virtual tails between their legs.

But Hillary Swank and Eileen Fitzgerald.

Do NOT fuck with them.


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