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ALL NIGHTER - JK Simmons, My Hero

All Nighter is one of those movies which almost works, but because of JK Simmons, it's worth viewing all the way through.

The film also features Millennial heart throb, Emile Hirsch, and the chameleon of female actresses, Lio Tipton. Both a engaging on a certain level, in particular Ms. Tipton, who stole Crazy, Stupid Love from Steve Carrell and Marisa Tomei.

But this is JK Simmons movie.

From the start, the ravine-faced and stentorian-toned actor is in command of every scene. He plays Frank Gallo, successful international, ahem, procurement CEO on the hunt for his missing daughter (Tio Lipton as Grace). Simmons tracks down Hirsch, Grace's ex-boyfriend Martin.

Martin lives with Jimothy (The obligatory way-too-stoned roommate played by two-dimensional Jon Daly), who parades around in a silk kimono robe and tries to pay his rent with the sexual favors of his Body-By-Pillsbury. The stoic and stalwart Simmons shakes off the encounter. He and Martin head for Grace's latest residence as she's broken up with Martin.

What follows is a foray into L.A. nightlife, and a scavenger hunt for the absent Grace. What also follows is the usual Hollywood comparison between the Alpha male (Simmons) and the Beta male (Hirsch).

Not lost on any viewer who isn't blind or three days dead, is the (GASP!) ability of society to accept both the Alpha and Beta males. JK Simmons is painted as the bad guy, but as it turns out, Hirsch through sloth, indifference, and lack of pressure, loses a great gal. His passive-aggressiveness is as bad, or worse, than Simmons forthright approach to locating his lost daughter. As a bonus, Hirsch nearly abandons his burgeoning career as a left-handed banjo player.

Yes. You read that right. Hirsch is planning a resurrection of the Dueling Instrument from Deliverance, and planning on several Grammy awards, if he can just get out of bed before 12 noon.

Hirsch also adheres to a vegan diet; threatens to punch a jackass of a DJ but never does (Simmons has to deliver the blow); and has such Low T he doesn't recognize Lois' (Shannon Woodward) interest.

Simmons, for his contribution to the stock character motif, has cheated on the ex-wife; disappeared from his daughter's life; and takes cell phone calls at the worst time.

Maybe society should stop giving the carriers of the XY chromosome so much grief and let them screw up their lives on their own.

They're both good at it.

The movie, which is funny, nearly ends with both Simmons and Hirsch in L.A. county lock-up, but Grace's new boyfriend, Kip, bails them out. He's an attorney and a definite Alpha male.

Beta males, take note. The Alpha male always gets the girl, no matter what the drug-addled, Beta males of Hollywood tell you.

Making a cameo as the insane new roommate of Grace, the AT&T girl, Milana Vayntrub, has a nice bit with a carving knife.


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