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ANOTHER STRIKE? - We Are Too Stupid

Officially saturated with labor malcontents.


Not repeating my union background.

Okay, I will.

I've belonged to three. My father was a 36 year member of OPW, and went on strike several times.

I understand the need for unions, guilds, and other forms of organized labor. I do. And I do more than most.

But now Broadway is threatening strike.

For those of you with short memories, Broadway closed their theaters because of (GASP!) COVID. They kept them closed longer than most businesses. AND when they reopened they still insisted on useless masks. Off-Broadway just recently dropped the restriction.

Shocking that for months only a handful of theaters could mount shows and make some money. Finally, there are 30 of the 46 Broadway theaters open and running at near pre-COVID levels.

What did/do the nefarious union heads do?

First, they refused any concessions to get the theaters open sooner, and NOW they are voting to authorize a strike, which will close 28 of the 30 struggling venues.

Anyone familiar with the arcane, expensive, and restrictive labor laws which face producers and management, will understand how nearly impossible it is to bring a show to Broadway. And will also comprehend why most shows fail. It ain't always a play lacking in entertainment value, though for a while the woke factor was making the appeal of the Great White Way inaccessible to anyone without a piercing, tattoo, and and a sense of soul-crushing confusion over just which gender to choose.

Here's to the stooges in charge of the NYC Broadway labor unions.

What COVID couldn't "kill," perhaps you will.

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