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My first residency in New York City started, more or less, in 1980. Went there to dance on Broadway. Never made it to The Great White Way, but efforts to succeed guided Yours truly to a very successful career in film/video production.

The above photo is a stark reminder of what happens when Liberals envelop a city, or state, in grand social engineering programs. NYC had a succession of Democrat mayors from the 60s (Lindsay) through the early 90s (The alcoholic David Dinkins). By the time the 80s ended Gotham experienced escalating crime (Don't let anyone tell ya different); confiscatory taxes and failing public schools; and a spate of corruption matched only by . . . well, today.

Rudy Giuliani (Not the present day version) barely wrestled Gracie Mansion away from the inebriated Dinkins in 1991. But he rescued the city. He did. Don't let anyone tell ya different. Subway cars no longer looked like rolling landfill. The streets felt (and looked) safe. Times Square wasn't one long strip club.

Michael Bloomberg filled in ably as a steward of Rudy's eight years with twelve strong ones of his own. New York City was indeed back.

But not for long.

Warren Wilhelm (Bill de Blasio) found his fat ass in City Hall courtesy of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He managed to fuck up Rudy's excellent work in a very short period of time. In fairness, Andrew "The Ventilator" Cuomo pitched in with some very handsy incompetence of his own.

Together these two pathetic woke idiots managed to kill New York with their obsessive Covid lockdowns. It was all to get Donald Trump, even if they did couch it in such stupidity as:

- Stay Home. Save Lives.

- Two Weeks to Hashtag Flatten the Curve.

- Wear a Mask!

- Get the Shot!

- We're all in this together . . . except the bureaucrats

The result is the subways are starting to resemble the above. Criminals, brazen at that, roam the streets and take out the occasional innocent bystander. Taxes, for which most of us get NOTHING have risen to ridiculous levels.

I must have been a meter maid in a previous life. We had just moved from another failed social engineering state (California) and landed in NYC in 2017. Caught the last remnants of Rudy's improvements, and now have to listen to the dumbest mayor (Ewic Adams) since Wilson Goode blew up a neighborhood in Philadelphia in the mid-1980s.

The traffic has not returned to NYC (Hence. Congestion pricing.). Pedestrians do not clog the thoroughfares. And commercial real estate is as healthy as Joe Biden, John Fetterman, and Diane Feinstein.

New York City is NOT back.

Don't let anyone tell ya different.

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