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BAD SISTERS - Killing Whitey

I liked the show.

A lot.


And there ain't a whole bunch about Bad Sisters, the ten episode offering from star and creator, Sharon Horgan, not to like.

Simple plot.

A coven of five Irish sisters (Grace, Eva, Ursula, Bibi, and Becka) cannot stand Grace's oafish, overbearing, next-to-stupid, manipulative, abusive (God, I hate the overused word) husband, John Paul (The outstanding Claes Bang). He criticizes everything wife Grace does; is determined to keep their 12-year-old daughter a virgin until she dies; and gets their truly fine neighbor Roger (Michael Smiley) accused of pedophilia. He's not a pedophiliac, but don't let that stand in the way of the revenge seeking John Paul.

Four of them (Not Grace) set out to kill the wicked brother-in-law. They try poison (Oops); frozen paintball pellets (Someone is going to lose an eye if we're not careful!); drowning (A couple times); and a re-enactment of the death of Isadora Duncan.

The man has the resiliency of Vulcanized rubber.

Along the way, a nosy insurance investigator, Thomas Claffin (Brian Gleeson), works to expose the murderous siblings for what they are and NOT pay out some previous claims put in by the insidiously prevaricating John Paul.

It's a dark comedy, to say the least, and Horgan only whiffs on a few virtue-signaling toe stubs. There has to be the gay sister, because everyone knows that 25% of all women are Lesbians. And Horgan (Eva) has to fall in love with her gay small company co-worker because everyone knows that 25% of all men are playing for the Away Team.

These are but minor distractions, and probably necessary for the show to get a green light from the P.C. crowd in Hollywood, or Dublin, or wherever this delightful series was financed.

There is a deft handling of the flashbacks, best in quite a while. Minor roles are admirably filled by Nina Noren as John Paul's dotty mother, Minna, and Seana Kerslake, who plays Thomas Claffin's VERY pregnant and VERY funny wife, Theresa.

If you don't have Apple TV, break down and get it. The ten episodes are well-paced, engaging, and, here's a bonus - FUNNY!

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