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BAREFOOT - Sweet, Simple, and Endearing

Since it's not a box-checking, woke piece of garbage, the 2014 film, "Barefoot," got panned by "professional" reviewers. This leads one to believe the critics are only interested in making sure they virtue signal their Liberal bonafides.

As opposed to actually reviewing the good and bad of a movie.

So, allow me.

"Barefoot" concerns Scott Speedman as Jay. He's the archetype ne'er-do-well Trustafarian son of Treat Williams and Kate Burton, a wealthy New Orleans couple.

Jay is an alcoholic, gambling-addicted, loser who has run afoul of a loan shark and a probation officer. His younger brother, Ian Nelson as Jerry, is getting married. Jay, anxious to get out of town, but needing a date, decides it's a great idea to take mental patient Daisy Kensington (Evan Rachel Wood) to the soiree.

Daisy is an accidental charming highlight at the blue blood event, but Jay has to hit the road with her due to his circumstance. He steals the family Wayfarer, a beautifully restored RV, and heads out to parts unknown.

Along the way, of course, he falls for Daisy, who has loved Jay from the moment she sees him mopping floors in the hospital to which she's been sent after her mother/caretaker passes away.

"Barefoot" is a flawed film. Script holes. Preposterous scenarios. Logic mistakes.

What it isn't is a Hollywood Idiot display of mixed-race families (Gosh. All of Kate Burton's and Treat Williams' kids are, GASP, Caucasians!), African-American guardian angels, and Monopoly Men stealing candy from babies. It also has a more-than-cameo by JK Simmons, who is ALWAYS brilliant.

"Barefoot" is just a nice, fun movie. Don't have to think too much. You just have to watch and enjoy it, and, like I did, tear up at what used to be The Hollywood Happy Ending.

And when's the last time you heard that?


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