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BOOK PUBLISHING - I'm An Idiot. Yes, I Am

Time flies when you're figuring out avocation number three. Been five years since moving out of California (Yay! Strike up the band!). A little more than five since retiring from a very successful film and video production career in both New York and the West Coast.

What next?

After two lifetimes in challenging jobs, a dancer in NYC from 1979 to 1984, then the aforementioned film career from 1984 to 2018, decided to try yet another difficult, competitive, ridiculously low odds of success "job."



Most friends and colleagues accused me of hubris, lacking in common sense, and tilting at proverbial windmills.

The same comments from these unsupportive jerks in 1979 and 1984.

In 2021, Celestial Echo Press, a small boutique house in Philadelphia took TIME Blinked as a publication deal. 2022 they followed it up with Draculand.

In less than four years, two books hit the virtual bookshelves without self-publishing (Which was the first goal). Also, six short stories landed in legit anthologies. Another tale, and a personal favorite, The Trial of Stephen King, was picked up by a literary journal.

To steal the oft-stolen quote from The Candidate, "Now what?"

The following is a short list of answers:

  1. Have gotten an agent. He has taken on my novel, The Google Earth Murders: A Handbook For Eliminating Gen Z. A rewrite is end of August.

  2. Graduate School (MFA; Creative Writing, CUNY) is not finished. Am back this Fall for two more classes. Next year I finish and submit the thesis.

  3. Am still trying to find a publisher for a non-fiction book about my 35 years in the film industry. Try Not to Annoy the Kangaroo is a hilarious look at the Behind The Scenes stupidity in the production of Films, Music Videos, International TV Commercials, and million dollar corporate videos.

  4. Would like to find a marketing pro to sell the two published novels. Strictly commission. Do not contact me if you're looking for up-front money. There is a decided lack of motivation on the part of so-called marketing people who tout great theories, but aren't interested in execution. If you match this criteria, send an email to

There is more to consider in this last third of my life, and will continue to swim like a shark.

If you'd like to help out a published author, AND if you have any suggestions for further challenges and/or marketing professionals who don't live in a strictly theoretical world, here are the links to the books:

TIME Blinked


Many thanks, in advance, for your consideration.

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