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CALIFORNIA - Liberals Got What They Wanted

Was involved in the usual back-and-forth with a resident of California who blamed me for giving up and moving out of the Former Golden State. While I disagreed with their assessment, I encouraged the dolt to stay right where they are, and not infect any other part of the United States with such obvious stupidity.

California has devolved into a Banana Republic of social engineering. Let's list the reasons:

  1. The S.O. and I paid 13.3% state tax the last few years due to people, who can't even get close to that level of income, voting to impose such a rate on those of us who do work for a living, and try to make a better life.

  2. Additionally, we paid the highest price for gasoline due to the environmentally "friendly" formulation, which is only enforced on the West Coast. Embedded in the costs of a gallon of petrol are various taxes too numerous to comprehend.

  3. The state sales taxes are some of the highest, especially in the city of SF.

  4. The streets of SF are filled with vagrants, bums, illegal aliens, and junkies. The spineless Left calls them Homeless, Oppressed Minorities, Undocumented Democrats (Hee-Hee), and Substance-Abusers. A manure pile by any other name . . .

  5. I am all for helping those in #4. I am. The Left is not. They enable the behaviors by not enforcing laws on the books.

  6. Golden Gate Park is still overrun with geriatric hippies, the aforementioned junkies, and UCSF students.

  7. Arresting anyone is a Fool's Errand.

  8. Don't call the Police. They're as de-balled as one-year-old Golden Retrievers.

  9. There are dozens of hidden taxes in retail, grocery, and service purchases. Why are they hidden? Because even the most blinkered Leftist might take exception to the surcharges on a half pound of foie gras.

The citizenry of California have had numerous opportunities to install some genuine leadership in state and local governments. They refuse. This is why you get empty suits like Gavin Newsom, Willie Brown, and Kamala "Heels Up!" Harris in positions of authority. Room temperature IQ dolts like Barbara Boxer, London Breed, and Gray Davis were also domiciled in positions of authority. Since all it takes is a lobotomy and a willingness to put a (D) next to their name on a ballot, no-talents like the six above find their way into Offices of Destructive Policy.

And like the doofus with whom I debated today, I don't blame this collection of the unhireable for aspiring to higher office. They would never survive if they had real jobs and real responsibility.

There is no hope for California.

There is, however, hope for America.

If your average West Coast Dunce wants to live in such execrable conditions, let them. Make them stay there. Do not allow them to come to places such as Kansas and set up Drug-Addicted Drag Queen Shows for Kids.

They have ruined their state.

Let's keep the damage isolated.

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