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CAMPUS WIDE HATRED - Sheep to the Slaughter

A former stupid undergrad, and college campuses are still filled with stupid undergrads . . . and grad school students . . . and professors . . . and administrators . . . and staff . . . I can vouch for the anti-Semitism on full display at our academic institutions.

Yes it is.

The above-referenced article is a plea by a law school professor that firms not hire the students from his class due to their signing on to a letter condemning Israel and praising Hamas.

Inexperienced, un-, uh, schooled skulls full of mush (Thank you, Rush Limbaugh) should be given considerable slack. Cerebral cortexes are not full formed; work experience is limited to a turn at the barista bar; and the odds of any of the beta males or faux feminists being married are small.

Take this prof at his word, however. Campuses, and I currently attend one, are filled with a collection of upset (Angry would require actual guts) and entitled know-nothings who parade around with Palestinian flags and chant about Israel as bad guy in this whole Middle-East debacle.

If blame can be assigned to anyone in this mess, let's turn it over to the flaccid Liberals who put room-temp IQ dolts in positions of authority (see Joe Biden, John Fetterman, Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsom, Eric Adams, Kathy Hochul . . . need I continue?), and then cry about atrocities. If anyone Jewish is still voting Democrat after the displays of anti-Semitism by the Left, turn in your Hebrew Card.


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