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DEAD TO ME: SEASON 3 Woke Stupidity Strikes Again

The good news is anyone who likes Hollywood when it bashes religion (continuously in this case); mocks un-aborted pregnancies; and disparages half of the American electorate (you all know which half), is going to LOVE "Dead to Me: Season 3."

The bad news is the series, while still well-written and eliciting fab performances from just everyone in the cast, has changed its pacing from well-timed to over-caffeinated as it attempts to tie up 3,439 loose ends in ten final episodes.

Christina Applegate, the talented lead, is obviously undergoing steroid treatment for her MS. It has advanced rapidly in the actress. To Ms. Applegate's credit, the rapacious disease has not chilled her comic brilliance. She is a trooper. You can sympathize with a woman who has fought off breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and Married with Children.

Linda Cardellini, the 'Girl to Grab' as a good friend would say while scoping out women at a singles bar, is Applegate's equal in the delivery of her lines; height of her hilarity; and depth of her emotions.

And James Marsden, who is the Most Beautiful Man on the Planet, plays twin brothers Ben and Steve with such clarity, they could be in matching outfits and the viewer would know who is who.

Why the producers insist on virtue-signaling their Liberal Cred is beyond this reviewer. It adds nothing to the series. Scenes are speeding along (Again, my only complaint is the warp-drive pacing) and the show runner and his cackling colleagues decide to throw in some lines about how praying is gross, and church attendance is for idiots, or "Why bother with the pregnancy? You have kids and HALF of them don't vote."

Really? Gosh, I'm stumped. Which half? I also wonder if the rest of that sentence is "properly?"

"Dead to Me: Season 3" has much to recommend it. There are PLENTY of well-done scenarios, and still lotsa laughs. The leads, as mentioned, are outstanding.

And if you like religion-bashing, baby-smashing, and Conservative-trashing, you'll binge this in less than five hours.


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