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There must be a college course, let's assume it's a minor given the limited cranial capacity of Big City Democrat Mayors and Governors, offered for people who don't want a real job but desire a high-paying position with celebrity cache and little to no work.

What would that curriculum be for the likes of Eric Adams, Tom Kenney, Brandon Johnson, Gavin Newsom, Jared Polis, and Gretchen Whitmer, among countless others?

Here are some course requirements:

- Get Whitey 101 - Teaches reverse discrimination. Ignores strides made in the arenas of racial, gender, and sexual orientation bias, and focuses on all those mean, evil Caucasians, no matter how much they pay in taxes.

- Felonious Ignorance 201 - NOTE: Sensory Deprivation Helmet Required. Doesn't matter the criminal act or background of the assailant. If their skin isn't pale and washed out, they are given a pass to return to the streets and encouraged to assault little old ladies for their pension checks just because it's fair.

- Sanctuary City Seminar - REQUIRED. Aspiring public officials are instructed on the methodologies to book appearances on a minimum of two dozen cable news shows with the declaration their jurisdiction is "A welcoming home for all. Here in [FILL IN THE BLANK] we build bridges . . . not walls." A two-week follow-up available on-line discusses strategies for whining like a little bitch when the illegal aliens have the gall to show up in the public officials front yard.

- Trump Derangement Syndrome Self-Study. If the student does not already have TDS, as most good Leftists should, the course materials (Including The Bill Clinton handbook on slapping around women not his wife) will introduce the neophyte to Donald Trump's successes as a real-estate developer, philanthropist, and reality TV star. However, the required indoctrination to the fake news of the silver spoon methodology employed by the Donald will occupy 99% of the curriculum.

Additionally, a term paper on obeisance to any fellow Democrat in Congress or the White House is a requirement.

A passing grade assures the cratering of the state and local economy; destruction of public services; and rampant violent crime not restricted to the borders of the city and/or state over which the graduate presides.

For historic examples of successful grads, please research Abraham Beame, Wilson Goode, Jerry Brown (TWICE! Three times if you count his terms as mayor of the open sewer known as Oakland, California), and anyone with the last name of Daley from Illinois.

For the truly ambitious, check out Jimmy Carter, the Grinning Gargoyle of American Capitulation. However, be advised that this President from 1976 to 1980 is in danger of being eclipsed by the current House Plant in the Oval Office for malfeasance, and incompetence.

Good luck!

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