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DRACULAND Not A Pain In The Neck!

This is not an annoying reminder, though my second traditionally published novel, "Draculand," has hit the virtual bookstores in eBook form. This is also not a hard sell (Available on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, KOBO . . . ) because after four years of slogging through the publishing world with four books (Two still looking for publication); six short stories in anthologies; and two non-fiction books both of which are represented by Bill Gladstone, I have learned much about marketing the ethereal concept of "writing."

It's hard.

However, as a former co-producer told me on the set of Junior, "If it was easy, everyone could do it, and no one would make any money."

Words to live by in any creative profession.

Writing is my third difficult and competitive profession. I was a professional dancer from 1979 through 1984, and then a producer/A.D. in the film industry from 1984 through part of 2018.

And now freelance author.

Piled on top of the fundamental daunt of those professions, I am a self-professed Christian Conservative. Try that on for size in the Liberal enclaves of Broadway, Hollywood, and now the halls of Harcourt, Brace, & Jovanovich.

Am also an avowed hetero-Caucasian male. Gasp!

So, to paraphrase Bill Nighy in Love Actually, "So buy my festering turd of a book, everybody, and give some hope to an aging, church-addicted White guy."

How often can you come out and make that kind of a statement?

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