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ENDEAVOUR - Hiring the Handicapped

Avoided this British entry into the thousands of UK shows and movies engineered off the various constabularies dotting the island landscape. Recently completed Foyle's War, and moved onto Endeavour at the suggestion of the significant other.

There are nine seasons of the show, named for its odd lead character, Endeavour Morse.

Played by the Scarecrow on Adderall, Shaun Evans, Morse is an OCD-suffering, somewhere-on-the-spectrum, generationally-talented aspiring detective. He has all the qualities which make for a fantastic investigator, which, of course causes him to collect enemies like numismatists collect coins.

Doesn't matter. This Sir Galahad of the mid-60s is determined ON EVERY CASE to do what is right . . . another annoying habit for the lifers, bureaucrats, legacy hires, nepotism beneficiaries, and incompetents which populate your average "nick," the slang for a police station in the United Kingdom.

Worked my way through two seasons and am captivated by the jittery and single-minded Morse. While there may be a saturation point (Never reached it with Foyle's War) with the series, it won't be due to the stellar cast.

Roger Allam as Fred Thursday, Morse's immediate superior is as understanding as anyone regarding his unique underling. Sean Rigby, Abigail Thorne, Sara Vickers (A knee-weakening, smoldering beauty), Anton Lesser, and James Bradshaw are a testament to the brilliance of The British Academy of Dramatic Art. There is no better acting school in the universe.

Try the first episode or two.

Well worth it.


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