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FOYLES WAR - The Stupidity of the English

Yes, have reviewed the wonderful BBC Series before. Am still working through the nine consistently good seasons, and started Season 7 yesterday.

It's still fresh and clever, especially as it insinuates the crime-solving abilities of DCS Foyle (Michael Kitchen) into the backdrop of World War II. Season 7 takes place just after Victor in Europe Day.

Not going to review Season 7.


The post WWII election is taking place during Episode 1 of Season 7. There is a push by the Labour Party to regain power and fuck up another country with their particular brand of soft communism.

Am going to take this opportunity to lambast the English for kicking Prime Minister Winston Churchill to the, uh, kerb and electing the Labour Party in order to be given free stuff.

Said free stuff includes the ongoing and inept National Healthcare System; the confiscatory tax policy; and a ton of useless public assistance programs.

When there is any discussion as to why Americans vote for higher taxes; elect cognitively impaired Democrats (Or any Democrats for that matter); or buy into the "free stuff" mentality of everything from high-speed rail, to ubiquitous wireless, to school lunches, let's hold off on the Stupid Americans trope.

The English beat us to it.

Sir Winston Churchill saved the English bangers (That's UK speak for bacon) of the entire island with his stalwart resolve. Without Winnie, German soldiers would have been marching through Picadilly Circus singing Deutschland Uber Alles.

So what do the short-sighted Limeys do?

Put in some squish who promised them a Royal Tea-For-All.

Ya blew it, England. After Winston Churchill, it took 35 years before the next transcendent Prime Minister occupied Number 10 Downing Street. Margaret Thatcher.

And since Maggie?

35 more years (almost) of squishes.

Guess England is due?

Hope so.

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