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FULL CIRCLE - What The Hell?

Have already reviewed the MAX series, and questioned some of the casting choices. Many of the players are against type.

- Dennis Quaid as a pony-tailed, oblivious and ineffectual narcissist

- Claire Danes as a woman

- Jim Gaffigan as an actor

Did not do a full review as only the first two episodes of the limited series (6) had dropped.

Here's the full review.

The show is a mess.

Somewhere out there in showrunner world is a comprehensible plot, which did not make it into Steven Soderbergh's POV regarding Full Circle.

Said plot is engineered off a Ponzi scheme regarding a luxury condo development in Guyana. For those of you who attended public school, Guyana is a country at the northern end of South America. It is next to Surinam, which is next to . . .

. . . ah, go take a look at a map. It will do you some good.

If Soderbergh had focused on that plot alone, which involves a corrupt cop, an incompetent postal inspector (Really? Oh, she's gay and sorta black), and a handful of illegal aliens, Full Circle would have been a compelling watch.

Soderbergh, however, lards up the tale with a kidnapping (Wrong kid snatched AGAIN), a shaman-like CCH Pounder who is the head of a Guyanese crime family, and a generation's old curse by a character actor.

With me?

What Soderbergh tries to do is tie the curse, Pounder, and the kidnapping to the EXPOSING of the Ponzi scheme, which it not only doesn't do, but it doesn't do it in an awkward, clumsy, and frustrating way.

Full Circle just does not work.

The show's muddle is exacerbated by heavy Guyanese accents, and a collection of mob-like bad guys which do clearly define the term, Disorganized Crime, as stated in the previous review. Their ineptness starts with the botched kidnapping in Episode two and gets no better for the next four installments.

Let's call it a Must Miss.

MAX, if you're really interested in watching each episode three times.

When you figure it out, please contact me and explain it.

Thank you.

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