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GHOSTED: I Have a Crush on Ana de Armas

Correct. Don't remember Richard Roeper, Rex Reed, or Pauline Kael announcing a Jones for a cast member of a To-Be-Reviewed film. However, a personal contempt for most Hollywood Idiots precludes any sort of hormonal

reaction, but Ms. de Armas just does it for Yours truly.

So, adding her to the short list of Mary Steenburgen, and Liv Tyler.

The film, though, has not invoked the same rise in temperature. Perhaps there are too many heist/caper/espionage/gangster/international/ sorts

of movies and TV? Don't know. This one, Ghosted, just doesn't have enough oomph, other than Ms. de Armas.

Though, let me give Chris Evans and Adrian Brody a compliment.

They're willing. And able. And with it.

But the script and the arcs have been done far too many times to give the cast the opportunity to separate themselves from a crowded field. Ghosted suffers from viewer burnout. How many times can the protagonist(s) escape the bad guys who are:

1. Bigger

2. Better trained

3. Better armed

4. Better prepared

5. Just plain better

The answer?

All the time when a 100 pound L'Oreal model is leading the way!

Evans, as farmer (Yes) Evan Cole, is smitten with Ms. de Armas (Sadie Rhodes) when she drops by his local outdoor market and purchases a cactus. Minutes later, the two are on the run from The Schnozz, Adrian Brody.

Brody, as global bad guy and arms dealer, Leveque (Oy. Really?), is on the hunt for the latest nuclear MacGuffin. If you don't know what a MacGuffin is, Google the word and attach Hitchcock to the search.

After a few stops in the usual tony junket locations, and an annoying cameo by the annoying Ryan Reynolds, the bad guys are . . .

Ah, everyone knows ending.

Apple TV.

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