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GODLESS - Only One Box Checked, but Like Cook County, Chicago, It's Checked 87 Times.

On the bucket list is sitting in on a pitch session (I've done pitches, but I'd like to be a casual observer and not a participant) when the virtue-signaling invertebrate green light a project like "Godless," the multi-season Netflix reboot of Lysistrata . . . sort of.

Here's the pitch (My take in parentheses):

"1884. Creed, Colorado. It's a mining town which saw the loss of EVERY MAN who worked in the mine because of the evil corporation's lack of safety protocols.

But the town doesn't die.

No. The WOMEN, (a collection of L'Oreal models, angry clipped-hair lesbians in wigs, and Faux Feminists who say "Ew!" when handed a gun) band together. They raise a barn, take over shoeing horses; farming the land, and running the town's businesses.

But all is not perfect in this Wild, Wild, West Themiscyra. Jeff Daniels (Fresh off ruining Atticus Finch for everyone) has his eye on the town, the women, and a renegade member of his gang, who has stolen Jeff's money and shot Mr. Daniel's left arm off.

This bad guy gone good (Jack O'Connell) looks like he's arrived in Creed to save THE WOMEN, but they are going to save him and rid the world of nefarious killers like Jeff Daniels (Character's name is Frank Wittig.).

Okay, enough of that.

Really? An entire town of WOMEN ONLY in Indian (Feathers. Not Dots.) country in 1884? And they're doing just fine? This collection of Rodeo Drive shopping, nail salon devotees are going to hold off Frank Wittig, 30 murderous (and horny) members of his gang, and convince the mining concern from the East that THE WOMEN are just fine and don't need any help re-opening the mine; engineering and building the new drills; and providing their own security against the Paiute Indian (Feather. Not Dots.) tribes and 31 angry killers deprived of the money they stole during a train robbery?

As the on-site reporter said during the Philadelphia Eagles open tryouts in 1976, "This is too stupid . . . even for me."

Netflix. Make sure you have your virtue signaler next to you on the couch.

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