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IDIOCRACY - Prez Door Stop and VP Wet Mouth

A request from a reader.

Since comedy reviews were dominating this blog for a week or two, Idiocracy, the 2006 Luke Wilson vehicle hit the radar. Not a fan of the highly stylized film, but it does have humorous merit, given how much the I.Q. in the Oval Office dropped on January 21, 2021. It has remained at Marianas Trench levels with the Congressional oversight Committee hearings on President Door Stop's felonious son's actions on behalf of The Big Guy.

For those of you who thought voting for a man with the intelligence of a Rhododendron a wonderful use of your voting right(s), The Big Guy is the current gork sitting behind the Resolute Desk.

To the film.

Wilson, an average Army dweeb is picked for a ONE YEAR experiment in suspended animation (Currently the disposition of President Door Stop). Luke is paired, for some odd reason, with Maya Rudolph, a known streetwalker. The case study goes sideways. Quicker than you can say, "Military Intelligence," Wilson and Rudolph end up in 2505.

2505 shows as a world dominated by badly dressed, low brainpower drones, who watch reality TV all day, can't replace a shoelace, and elect representatives of even lower intelligence and capability than themselves.

In other words, it's an America of a 100% Democrat voting constituency.

Wilson and Rudolph, though not known for their great life choices in 2005, set about to fix America.

Won't elaborate on the comic moments in the film. There are some. However, there are a number of brilliant casting choices.

Chuck Schumer plays the Senate Majority Leader, and he's useless, ineffective, and annoying. Nancy Pelosi is the Screecher of the House, a drunk, political lifer whose only interest is protecting her gay husband and idiotic nephew, the governor of California, perfectly executed by Gavin Newsom.

Joe Biden was supposed to be the President, but he forgot where he was, and Kamala Harris had been slated to play the V-P, but she opted instead for the hooker role previously inhabited by Maya Rudolph.

Merrick Garland is the A.G. (That's Attorney General for those of you who attended public school in the United States) until he gets canned when it turns he obtained his law degree in exchange for immunity for Hunter Biden.

And President Door Stop's son is a star turn by Heath Ledger, who, for some odd reason couldn't make any of the re-shoots.


Pray we don't get there.


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