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INDIANA JONES 5 - Okay, I'll Bite

DISCLOSURE: This is NOT a review.

I'm curious. Who wants to see the fifth installment of Indiana Jones? Anybody? I'd even like to throw in a "Bueller? Bueller?" The reviews have been nothing short of lukewarm. The plot involves, yet again, the Nazis.

What is it with Hollywood?

The best new bad guys on the planet, the Islamic extremists, the Soviets, and the Democrats are ignored by the Tinseltown dopes. On the bench of the nefarious are the Chinese. Is Harrison Ford staring down Mohammed Al-Something? Or, the Snoring Twenties version of the Walking Dead, which includes Nancy Pelosi, John Fetterman, Diane Feinstein, and President Tombstone? How about Mao? If the plot involves time travel, why not take on the Communists? Perhaps a trip into the USSR when purges and the mass murdering of innocent civilians ruled the day . . . and night.


Once again, we exhume the convenient Aryans.

The National Socialist Party.

Or, the Liberals of the 1940s.

And the trope of those world conquering psychopaths has already been mined in Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Holy Grail, and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Let's give the pale and washed a pause and take down the more recent versions of pure evil.

Might make for a better film.

In theaters only . . . for about a week.

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