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JACK RYAN: SEASON 3 Time For New Material

Full disclosure - Have not watched the series. However, here's an early warning sign, brought to you by the Hollywood Idiots at Amazon;

"In Season 3 of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Jack races against time and across Europe to stop a rogue faction within the Russian government from restoring the Soviet Empire and starting World War III."


This is as ludicrous as the continued invocation of Adolf Hitler every time there's a mean person on screen.

To whit,

- Rogue Faction CHECK

- Russian Government CHECK

- Restoring the Soviet Union CHECK

- Starting World War III CHECK

I have an idea.

How about a series where the the CIA, NSA, FBI, and every other "intelligence" alphabet bureaucracy takes down the rogue factions within the American government which are fleecing the electorate (What happened to the Golden Fleece Award? Hits too close to home, Congress?); giving away money to the truly slothful and intellectually lazy; and converting the United States to a population of needy bagmen?

Now that's something to put on the streaming radar.

Look, I'll review Jack Ryan: Season 3. Honest. I will. I'm a HUGE Wendell Pierce fan. John Krasinski has done some excellent work the past ten years.

However, unless a genuinely creative person snuck in during a break; hit the show runner with a rubber hose; and stuffed him/her in a duffel bag marked "DO NOT OPEN 'TIL CHRISTMAS . . . 2057," there is no way this season of JR:S3 is going to be anything more than bushy-eyebrow, shaved-head, trigger man with Slavic features; skanky Russian hookers with a thing for weird-looking leading men; and a plot resolution centered around international financial shenanigans involving petroleum.

Oy vey. Someone exhume Cubby Broccoli and Sean Connery. The spy thriller needs an enema.

Prime Video.

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