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JACK RYAN: Season 4 - Make it Stop

After Jack Ryan: Season 3 made no sense for eight episodes, the show runner and the creative department should have moved onto something more comprehensible.

How about Non-Euclidean Geometry?

No such luck.

This year's entry into the Dead End Minotaur's Lair contest picks up exactly where the previous season left off.

Not in terms of plot.


The show returns with the same deluge of unanswered questions.

- Who is that guy?

- Where are we? (Despite location stamping. Always a bad sign.)

- What is ostensible Bad Guy II doing canoodling with supposed Bad Girl III?

- Why the F&%K are we at another Senate committee hearing?

- Why the F&%k are we at another D.C. fundraiser for (FILL IN THE BLANK)?

- Can no one on the staff cast a FEMALE love interest under 200 pounds?

- If there is any sense to be made of the Triad-Cartel arrangement?

- Any?

- Are the bad guys the Mexicans? The Burmese? The Senate? The CIA?

Given the performance of the various Federal branches of government the past half century, the odds of the bad guys being in America's back yard are good.

In brief, hah(!), John Krasinski , the strangest looking leading man since Joan Crawford, is back as Jack Ryan. And he's confused, as are we. Seems the Burmese Triad is cozying up to the Mexican cartels, via a CIA operative known as Chavez, in order to open the distribution channels to America in order to smuggle in (MORE easily, mind you) humans, drugs, weapons, ideology, skanks, criminals, terrorists, Mexicans, Burmese, aliens, etcetera.

Chavez, operating on the orders of a low-life CIA head known as Miller, takes out every Mexican cartel save for one . . . for reasons known only to Miller, and even he is perplexed.

After watching the first two episodes for 72 hours, or maybe it just felt that way, there are but two outstanding components of Jack Ryan: Season 4.

Wendell Pierce and Michael Kelly.

That's it.

The rest of the stumbling cast, including John Krasinski, is led by the unappealing Abby Cornish, the usually reliable Michael Pena, the insomnia-during Betty Gabriel, the Valium-induced John Schwab, and a host of Central Casting clods too numerous to list.

Not entirely their fault.

The script took last season's effort, and turned in an even less comprehensible effort, if that's possible.

Hate writing truly bad reviews. Really do.

But Jack Ryan: Season 4? The only hope is that Noomi Rapace shows up soon and throws her usual five foot tall, 95 pound 10,000 volt charge into the proceedings.


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