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JIM HARBAUGH - Without Him Football Ain't

It's not.

Used to say the same thing about Jerry Glanville. Much as I have visceral disgust for the Atlanta Falcons, Jerry is one of those figures who took himself just seriously enough to be a good coach, and also found the humor in a high-profile game.

While Harbaugh doesn't leave tickets for Elvis at the box office before every game, he does have a lightning rod personality which draws you to him, as did Glanville, the man who once told a ref, "The NFL stands for Not For Long is you're going to make calls like that."

Met coach Harbaugh at, of all things, a Hollywood premiere for a film upon which I labored. He attended due to a friendship with the director. In tow was wife, Sarah, a woman as charming as Jim and just as chatty. Both could not have been nicer to Yours truly and wife, Lee, who just had to proclaim, "You're much better looking in person than on camera!"

Think the wife forgot that most of Jim Harbaugh's time spent in front of a lens was during a game where he might have not been at his smiling best.

No matter. Jim accepted the compliment with his signature graciousness and talked to Lee for the better part of twenty minutes, while I engaged Sarah, his drop-dead gorgeous significant other. Not exactly tough duty.

We lived in San Francisco when Jim took over the 49ers (2011). He led them to three NFC championship appearances and a Super Bowl. Prior to his coming on board, the once dominant franchise hadn't been to playoffs since 2002.

He's an excellent coach. Jim's issue in San Francisco is that he's not a Liberal Squish and makes no proverbial bones about it. In the Age of Woke Stupidity, that gets you terminated due to the lack of a spine of those around you.

Was sorry to see him go. The Bay Area's loss is Ann Arbor's gain, and, as much as my college allegiance is to Notre Dame, I now follow the University of Michigan as well as the Golden Domers, in the Autumn.

Go Wolverines! Go Jim Harbaugh!

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