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The Worst Movie Title Since “Nope”

The title is drawn from a part of set protocol where the Assistant Director (Many times that was Yours truly) would turn to the various departments (Make-Up, Props, Lighting, EFX, etc.) and shout;

"Last Looks!"

Whereby every insecure jackass in each crew department would rush the set to convince the director they honestly cared about the shot composition and performance.

"Last Looks!" was generally followed by "If you don't get the FUCK off my set, your body will be found spread out over several acres in the Central Valley."

And then, "Action!"

What should happen to the 2021 film, "Last Looks" is exactly that. It should be chopped into little pieces and spread over the Central Valley so no one can ever watch this execrable filmmaking failure. Ever again.

The movie features the most attractive cast in quite a while. Morena Baccarin, Rupert Friend, Charlie Hunnam, Lucy Fry, and Mel Gibson at the top of the card.

What the movie doesn't do is check boxes, a reason I'd hoped it would be good. There are no closeted noble gay characters, POC in square-peg-in-round-hole roles, and male-bashing. There is no concerted effort to Get Whitey.

As a bonus, one of my all-time favorite character actors, Clancy Brown, is in the film. As with the other leads and secondary characters, his performance is weighed down by an execrable script and incomprehensible plot.

Give "Last Looks" No Looks. There's plenty of virtue-signaling, Old White Guy bashing garbage out there which has a semblance of plot and at least mediocre writing.

Y'all can sit on the couch and write some P.C. review which consists of "I really enjoyed 'Whites Need Not Apply' because . . . well . . . Trump!"

Where is "Last Looks" streaming?

Are you kidding?

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