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MacGyver - Fixing Something!

Worked in film production in California for thirty years. Was lucky to have been based in San Francisco (At least I thought so at the time), as opposed to Los Angeles.

One of the goofier directors I worked with constantly reminded me that he was an avowed environmentalist (San Francisco insists on the display of outward narcissism.). He actually yelled at someone in a parking lot for not depositing their trash in the available can. Yelled, until the poor slob felt obligated to tell the squish to STFU.

The environmentalist picked up the trash. One of the few times his behavior didn't border on passive-aggressive.

Have never been an environmentalist. As a young teenager, the usual Hollywood idiots touted the coming ice age due to the greenhouse effect cooling the Earth. The dopes also swore all the fish were going to die in our oceans. And petroleum would be the end of the Age of Man by about 1995 (See Paul Ehrlich).

They, as you may have noticed, have been wrong forever.

I do, though, hate to waste.

Really do.

When the five-and-a-half year old flat-screen TV refused to pay attention to its remote control, I refused to throw it out and replace it with a new one, though I know many who would and do.


Diagnosed the problem as the failed infrared receiver on the television AND a burned out transmission sensor on the remote, accomplished all this through a series of YouTube videos. Found the replacement remote and part, although the latter did take two attempts to get the correct one.

Removed the back panel; replaced the defective part; and paired the remote with the new infrared sensor.

Re-mounted the television.

Turned it on.


It worked.

For $50, I managed to avoid tossing a perfectly good television into the trash . . . or the recycling. Same thing.

Very proud of myself.

But don't tell the squish director.

He'll accuse me of being an environmentalist.


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