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MEMORY or Taken 4-The Return of Bryan Mills

Another homage to Joe Bob Briggs.

Liam Neeson, who looks jest lahk a statue of Liam Neeson left out in the rain for 50 years, returns to the sorta big screen with another spectacular turn as Bryan Mills.

Y'all know Bryan Mills? He of the original and 74 sequels of "Taken." Yeh, I know. Technically only three, but every movie Liam's collected a paycheck on has been "Taken,' jest with another tahtle.

This tahm, however, his name is Alex Lewis. But he is still Bryan Mills, the geezer with a set uh special skills honed from his tahm as a Army Ranger, MI6 agent, international assassin, Kung Fu aficionado, and all around heinie kicker.

Lewis pays the rent by terminatin' lowlifes for an actor with an eerie resemblance to Bruce McGill (D-Day in "Animal House" about a hunnert years ago). Lewis is also fergettin' where he left his keys, cell phone, and glasses.

He's also fergettin' he doesn't wear glasses.

In general, no plot to get in the way of the movie. Neeson may, or may not, have to keep killin' a buncha Meh-heecan pedophiles.

He just can't remember.

Six dead bodies. Two breasts (Sorta). Four Eye-dentical brunette actresses further confusin' the reviewer. Geezer sex. Disturbin' child porn. Kevlar Fu. Hooker Fu. Bare Wire Fu (Twahce). Gratuitous WannabeJohn head-to-the-bar-bashin'. And Best Supporting Drive-In Oscar to Guy Pearce for botherin' to appear in this turkey.

Three Stars. Joe Bob sez check it out.

Prime Video.

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