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Lived in Gotham for most of the 80s, and returned in 2018. Planned on staying in New York City until six feet under, but, of course Covid Stupidity changed that plan.

Must comment on the slavish fascination the inept health officials display regarding the quality of city air. These inept health officials, will (should) be relegated to the dustbin of history prematurely. After ignoring actual data AND information regarding the Coronavirus, and locking the sheep up in their personal pens for YEARS, the dopes now want us to listen to them regarding air quality.


This is the issue with bureaucracies. When their motivations are political, they cry wolf like they're singing a rap song. But when they might actually do our HEALTH (Or whatever their charter) some good, nobody pays much attention due to the inert officials' self-inflicted execrable track record.

New York City, which used to be a city of tough, resilient individuals, folded up like lawn furniture and hid inside their claustrophobic apartments; donned useless (cloth? really?) face masks; and whimpered like a chagrined dog.

To quote Emma Thompson, as she spoke to a crying Liam Neeson in Love Actually;

"Get a grip. No one's going to shag you if you cry all the time."

Yes, New Yorkers should forego sex. The fewer of them the better.

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