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It just got worse.

Wanted to give the HULU series the benefit of the doubt and watch Episode Three with an open mind.

And then Selena Gomez came on screen. She made an overt attempt to be charming and funny. Neither of which she is. Selena is also NOT an actress, because, well, she can't act. At all.

The show, with every archetype on the planet, is just awful.

- The gay, fat actor

- The gay, black actor

- The gay actor playing the production manager

- The gay actor playing the producer (Who French kisses his mother. What?)

- The gay . . .

Okay, y'all get the point. As a former dancer in the NYC theater world, I, more than most, understand the percentage of gay/Lesbian individuals who populate that world. But it ain't to the extent Only Murders in the Building virtue signals its bonafides to the audience.

How about a plot? Some pacing? Conflict? Intrigue.

How about something INTERESTING in the show?

Not this season.

Don't get it.

The first season was good to very good. The second season was okay to good.

This one SUCKS.



Gomez, as mentioned, is awful. Martin is terrible. Short is beyond terrible. If there is a character in the show with any charm (That includes you Meryl Streep), please step forward.


Please don't get a subscription.

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