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Answer: Anyone who wears one thinking it will stop COVID.

Yes, I know. This is an ongoing obsession with Yours truly.

The face mask.

Before I make the case, which I've made since June of 2020, and is now fully supported (READY "SCIENCE" SCOLDS?) by the randomized Cochrane Study, must ask how y'all like those POC in the picture? Even I can virtue-signal!

As stated, I worked in film production for 35 years in New York and California. During that time, certain jobs included shooting in Silicon Valley Level 4 clean rooms, bio-labs, and hospital O.R.s

That's Operating Room for those of you who attended public schools.

Mask protocol, despite the fictionalized execution of the film-making, was strict.

To whit;

- The face covering had to be applied ONCE. If you removed it for any reason,

it had to be replaced.

- You could not obsessively touch or adjust the mask.

- The mask had to be sealed at the perimeter.

- If you sneezed or coughed, the mask had to be replaced.

- If you were in certain rooms for more than 30 minutes, the mask had to


The above list is the ONLY way the face-covering is deemed effective against bacteria, germs, and fluids. Do ya see virus on that list? No, you do not.

Now, as a film production, there was plenty of leniency, but not always, in particular during the scenes in the clean rooms and bio-labs. Regarding the latter, my educated guess is that the reason Covid escaped the Wuhan facility is because some stooge opted NOT to replace their mask when appropriate.

Think about that.

Despite SCIENTIFIC information to the opposite, Liberals and Hysterics (Usually the same thing) have a tendency to not only wear the next-to-useless- against-the-virus face masks, but also don't adhere to proper usage.

The final nail in the proverbial, ahem, coffin, is that most don't wear the proper mask. I've seen Rainbow Flag Dishcloths, Dog Bandanas, and Faux Surgical face coverings (In gunmetal green, and Goth black!) on the mugs of angry, pinch-faced advocates. The dopes wearing these virtue-signaling apparatus have the chutzpah to lambast those of us who know better and show our handsome features to the world.

I'd say speculate that the Left has the spine to take us to task over our personal INFORMED choice, but, as we know Hysterical Liberals relinquished the last of their vertebra when they elected President House Plant in 2020.

To the Hysterical Left.

It is not enough for you to wear your mask and leave us alone. If you really believe in equality, rights for all, and freedom, the next time you spot some of us telling a drug store official, or a bureaucrat to take their mask and shove it, support the effort.

Not asking that you remove yours.

But tell the scold it's up to the INDIVIDUAL to CHOOSE to cover their face or not.

Try it.

Very refreshing.

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