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Yes, it's the end of June, and a return to our apartment in Manhattan looms on Friday. The S.O. and I will be back in The Small Apple (Big? Not from the city's performance the past several years.) for the Summer and most of Autumn.

This is the most difficult it's been for Yours truly to re-insert myself in the city of New York, and by default, the Empire State. Between the mundane, mediocre failed real estate agent governor, Kathy Hochul, and the stuttering speech impediment mayor, Eric Adams, the over/under on NYC rising from the ashes is now measured in decades.

Now, is crime as bad as its reported by the inept media?


It's worse, because the inept media has been polishing turds the likes of President House Plant, downtown urban areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and Hillary's Fat Ass. The press doesn't report on the real problem.

Unreported crime.

My former home city of San Francisco has trumpeted an "Historic drop in crime!" I kid you not. Little known fact. Nearly 90% of ALL CRIME is no longer reported to the police in the City by the Bay. And why is that?

Because the castrated SFPD is just that. A group of eunuchs showing up on the scene of what few crimes ARE reported, and walk around attempting to figure out what won't get them suspended or fired.

And as stalwart as the NYPD are, they are hamstrung by the spineless politicians that walk the corridors of City Hall, and the state capitol in Albany.

There are other problems making the trek as appealing as a visit to the proctologist;

- Broadway continues to struggle, and continues to put out woke crap.

- The residents STILL walk around looking for any lame excuse to don a

useless mask. Nothing says, "I give up!" like wearing a surgical mask


- Complain about Florida heat all you like, but NYC Summers ain't great. In

1991, the temperature didn't drop out of the 90s for a six week stretch. Sadly

that fueled the Global Warming lunatics cry of "We're all gonna die!" until

the next few Summers showed slightly BELOW normal high temps. This

reality shovel to their faces gave us the bland and indefensible Climate


- I live on the Upper West Side. Every prep school graduate of the last half

century lives there. Nowhere, save for Malibu, is the level of pretense higher.

In Sarasota, I have access to a great gym with fantastic group classes and a huge open area with so much equipment, I never wait for anything. The cultural landscape is excellent and not every play, dance performance, or concert is filled with woke messages. Oddly, The Gulf Coast of Florida likes to entertain.


In fairness, I look forward to getting back and taking more ballet classes. The S.O. and I will resume our ballroom lessons. We'll socialize with friends who have not fled the deteriorating city.

Cold comfort.

Can't wait for November.

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