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RETALIATION Great Name For a Movie, or a Life Event? Both?

ead of the Education Department (Run far away from any of those), Robert Cogger, demanded I apologize for the comment.

I refused. I'd done nothing wrong. The education department didn't have to take my suggestion.

Dr. Cogger, who monitored my classes weekly, went from a strong advocate for my efforts, to a critic. Weirdly, all this happened after the article came out and I refused to write a retraction.

Won't further bury this review in the drama that ensued for YEARS afterwards as I fought to get my grade changed and spear-headed a petition to deny Dr. Cogger tenure as a response to his retaliation.

To this day I do NOT donate money to Ursinus, despite a pleasant educational experience. I've offered significant sums, but I want the A I earned, not what Dr. Cogger levied as punishment for daring to SUGGEST a change to his precious curriculum.

And I've had my share of Dr. Coggers over the years. Am sure I lost a few production jobs (Thank God. I was flat out for 35 years with what I could take.). Am positive there are those don't understand why I didn't wear a 'I'm With Her' T-shirt and a pink wool cap in 2016.

But that event in 1979 steeled me. I never again avoided confrontation. I tried, and failed once in a while, to make every situation I found myself better no matter the obstacles. I pushed back at those demanding compliance.

To those parents who allow their kids to be taught Heather Has Two Mommies and not the multiplication tables, perhaps graduating from Junior High with such knowledge leads to . . . well, what we have now.

A collection of entitled dopes with a view of their fellow man as wide as a razor blade.

It's a choice Mom and Dad have to make. Is an Ivy League quality transcript really worth anything anymore? Looks like all we're graduating from Harvard and Yale today are flaccid pseudo-intellectuals with a world view as broad as social distance limits.

Taking this back to movies.

In "Conan the Barbarian" James Earl Jones explains to Arnold Schwarzenegger that Jones made Conan what he was today, an unstoppable driven warrior.

If Jones had not done to Conan's family what he did, there would be no Conan the Barbarian, defender of good and destroyer of evil.

Perhaps not the best cinematic example.

How about from the world of theater?

To thine own self be true.


Parents. Do right by your children, which is no longer includes a degree from Cornell.

Retaliation is on Prime.

Conan the Barbarian is available to rent on Prime and YouTube.

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