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If you consider Amazon your bookstore. On the heels of the 2022 Philadelphia Phillies remarkable playoff run, my debut novel, TIME Blinked, is available for purchase in either large format paperback and/or eBook. The link is provided below. Additionally, I have some signed copies that I'm willing to part with for not much more than the Amazon price. DM me for details. TIME Blinked is the tale of a 2020 baseball phenom whisked back to the year 1975. He finds himself on the roster of Philadelphia's National League team and changes baseball history forever. Bonus Plot Points are the cudgeling of the dreaded team from New York City, and the Philly mob, up to no good once more. If you wish to revel in more Philadelphia baseball history. Yes, it's fiction, but you'll recognize a few things that will bring a tear to your eye . . . TIME Blinked by George W Young. Destined to be the proverbial classic, like the 2022 Phillies.

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