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A visceral dislike of Joe Biden ain't new. The "Dumbest Man in D.C." has been such since the 80s. He has dropped out of Presidential races TWICE due to legit plagiarism charges. His committee questions are seven minute expurgations into the labyrinthe of politics. Old Slow Joe never does get to the actual question.

Have watched his cognitive struggles since Inauguration Day 2021, and despite an understanding of why Trump might have slipped on a Covid banana peel, it still escapes me as to why a man with the present day I.Q. of a turnip would have appealed as a better choice in November of 2020.

Now, Pennsylvania, which decided an abnormal psych case study would make a good Senator, makes some sense as to why it went for President House Plant, but the other 49?

Okay, the stupidity of the West Coast is baked in, as is the taxation gravy train for the truly dependent in New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts, however Georgia? Wisconsin? Michigan? Nevada? Arizona?

Goodness, Arizona is drowning in illegal aliens, and they voted in a man in support of wide open borders? And two years later a Senator who voted with the House Plant.

Do not get it.

Maybe I do.

The population can now vote itself money. And that may be the lynchpin for the entire gestalt of putting God's Special Ed Class into office.

Anyone have a POV on this other than a large increase in the dependent class?

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