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STUCK IN LOVE - Parents 1 - Offspring 0

Stick with Mom and Dad. Greg Kinnear (Bill Borgens) and Jennifer Connally (Erica) are divorced. Dad still carries the proverbial torch. Mom is ambivalent as hunky new husband, Martin (Rusty Joiner), is very good at the kiss and make-up part of the arrangement.

But Dad sets a place a Thanksgiving anyway.

Their two children, Samantha (Lily Collins) and Louis (Logan Lerman), try to engage the audience in their romantic entanglements. Samantha is going for Skank o' the Walk with her predisposition towards Boinkin' and Boltin.' Louis decides a drug-addicted waif, Kate (Liana Liberato) is an excellent life choice.

The offspring smoke too much weed; engage in way too much self-inflicted angst; and spend much of the film trying to get out of their own way. While this is the template for Rom-Coms . . . it is the template for Rom-Coms. It lends nothing to the film, save for a series of sob sister epiphanies by the two youths.

Larding the preposterousness on top is both children are the issue (ahem) of a somewhat famous author in Greg Kinnear. And, of course, in the easy world of publishing, the articulation-challenged Collins gets a book deal, and her whiny, marijuana-addict brother receives a phone call from Stephen King.


But it's Mom and Dad's Rom-Com. Kinnear is luminescent as the forlorn father and husband. He will not move on with his life. He will wait for his soulmate, who just might not be coming back.

Connally is her usual effortless self. An actress of physical attributes who does know the thespian craft. She takes advantage of a deep inner life and attempts to convince everyone it is time for everyone to accept the situation.

Including herself.

Stuck in Love is a Monday Night Movie. An answer to the question, "Anything to watch?"

Side Note: Look for Kristin Bell, who has the best midriff in the business. She makes a few appearances in workout gear worth playing back at half speed.


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