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Have decided to give y'all a chance to contribute to the Curmudgeon List!

Yes, it's an opportunity to put personal opinions out there on the internet . . . which never happens.


For more than a decade friends and family have made suggestions for viewing on the various streaming services. Am fortunate that a lot of my associates are from the film industry. Their recommendations, while not bullet-proof, stand a more than 50% of being enjoyable.

But when they whiff, they whiff.

Let's get this started.

Here's my personal Top Ten list of absolute misses:

- Game of Thrones. Don't care about dragons. The Hobbit did it best.

- The Stranger. Please stop basing TV on Harlen Coben books. Please.

- Call the Midwife. Don't call the midwife.

- Doc Martin. Better as a shoe.

- A Man Called Otto. Please give the cat to someone else.

- The Mindy Project. The project should be to make Mindy go away.

- The Citadel. Don't give the cat to Priya.

- Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar. Ishtar? Are you joking?

- Avatar 2. Beyond stupid.

- The Gilded Age. Wait for it to get better . . . uh, don't.

Given enough patience, there are at least 50 on my list that are best described as unwatchable tripe.

What are yours?

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