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Does Every Mask Come With A Herd of Bleating Sheep and/or Clapping Seals?

Wanted to show you my mask . . . in its best possible display.

I hate conventional wisdom. I really do. Conventional wisdom is wrong more times than it is not. Allow me to provide a recent example from 2008.

"If we elect the really cool, hip, half-white dude, we will unite the nation and long-time racist held beliefs will disappear."

Yes, someone on the Hysterical Leftist level of political strata actually told me this prior to the Presidential election of Barack Obama.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.

First, the really cool, hip, half-white dude had no interest in any of that post-racial gunk. And second, race merchants like Jesse Jackson of the Get Whitey Shakedown Corporation would have nothing to do with it because then Mr. Jackson wouldn't have a source of revenue. Neither would Al Sharpton or Charlie Rangel.

For eight years, if anything, Whitey got more scorn heaped upon him/her than anything in the prior 232 years of our nation's history.


To the Face Mask.

I have resisted the claustrophobic effect of the latest example of virtue signaling for two months. Not easy in my building in NYC.

But I have caved. I won't go into the exact reasons, but I have finally gotten in to see my dentist due to a broken appliance. Part of the deal is that I'm masked prior to sitting in the chair, and then masked again upon my exit.

Okay, I'll do it. I cannot stand trying to cobble my appliance together with an Exacto-Knife and non-toxic plastic glue . . . if there is such a thing.

But what to wear. I refuse to succumb to any of the surgical stuff. It's useless, and if I'm going to wear something useless, I get to pick.

I attempted to buy a Medieval Knight's helmet, but couldn't find one which allowed raising the visor without borrowing the NYPD's jaws of life.

Please take a moment and check out the picture above the headline. Yes, the mask I'm going to wear once adorned the neck of my African-American Retriever, Mister Moose.

I did wash it.

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