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CV19. The Droid of the Stupids

If I can paint any Smiley Face on the Shelter In Place dopiness, it has exposed the true intentions of the Left. Control over our lives. If you want that, please vote Democrat this November.

Methadone might be the next stop for me, as I attempt to resist writing about the apparent uninformed and intentional missteps of our elected officials regarding CV19.

Yesterday, the GDP for the most recent quarter was down 4.8%. Today, 3.8 million MORE people filed for unemployment. The reason, to anyone other than the stooges (God I LOVE that word!) in the media and anyone with a (D) next to their name in a lower third, is evident.

Our economy, for the ideologically-impaired, is hamstrung by bureaucrats intent on Flattening a Curve that by now is looking like Kamala Harris during a PosturePedic session with her latest "mentor."

Does this data influence the dopes to unravel the granny knots tied around our ability to make money, buy food, pay a mortgage, and clothe the offspring?

It does not.

Why, I ask?

Am happy to tell you.

At this point, after the four-week cutoff for restrictions, “emergency” powers and all that, the lockdowns had done their job.

However, the Stay-at-Home orders, oddly, were not rescinded and we venture into territory that will kill more people through suicide, depression, delayed treatments, rescheduled "elective" surgeries such as colonoscopies and exploratory biopsies, and ruined small businesses.

And yet, Stay Home/Stay Safe/Save Lives continues via every Hollywood Idiot, Plastic News Anchor, and Disingenuous Political Operative looking to hang the Apocalyptic Albatross around the neck of Donald Trump.

Why the dopes on the Left want to continue to take on The Donald escapes me. He's kicked their asses consistently since 2016, and shows no signs of letting up. They're too stupid, slow, and emotionally-driven to engage him on any objective level. Trump is a street fighter and Liberals are all Mama's boys.

This is the last arrow in their quiver. It's bent and has a weak shaft. All they're doing is making the case for NOT supporting their anti-Constitutional stance on the First Amendment. In a period of a month, we've given up the right to assemble. Social media has censored our right to free speech. Governors look like they're ready to hire Che Guevara as their head of security.

If you're okay with torching the First Amendment, by all means continue to give up and get fat. Vote for the various tools who wrap themselves in the flag.

But be aware their flag has a hammer and sickle on it against a red background.

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