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Happy Anniversary! Go Cower in Place

March into April and now into May. Do we continue to record Stay at Home videos with the puke-inducing message of "We're All In This Together" and "Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stay Home?" A majority of Americans KNOW the time is long-past for a return to NORMAL. Not the new one, touted by the Clockwork Orange parrots, but something closer to where we were when the clock struck midnight on December 31, 2019.

Today is the 33rd anniversary of our wedding. Yes, on May 2nd, 1987, Lee and I tied the proverbial knot. According to some of my friends, the Smithsonian should dedicate a wing to us.

Separate, of course, would be the joke that goes here.

I love to say that my marriage has not been perfect, but it's about as close as we could get without acquiring the full grace of God and being sent heavenward.

There is PLENTY of upside to the 33 years with my wife, Lee. I won't belabor the wonderful personal and professional accomplishments of the past more than three decades. They have been considerable.

What I will complain about is the world in which we find ourselves on May 2nd, 2020. The present predicament is of our own making.

To whit;

We went willingly into quarantine. More than willingly. We stampeded into it, because of the assumption of the duration of it. About four weeks to Flatten the ol' Curvarino!

As we closed in on Flattening the ol' Curvarino, our Spineless health officials, politicians elected by the machine, and Eloi-like friends and neighbors started chanting the mantra of "Beware the Second Wave," and "The New Normal."

And we stampeded, once more, into quarantine for "About Two More Weeks."

"About Two More Weeks" passed.

Our Spineless health officials, politicians elected by the machine, and Eloi-like friends and neighbors went through a transformation. They donned the ultimate Instrument of Fear . . . THE MASK. Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Now, the cautious re-opening of various services and businesses is filled with dread and trial attorneys. Like chattel standing outside the slaughterhouse, we shiver. Our rent is unpaid. Our food supply lines are in the hands of the Eastern Bloc. Our leaders set their hair on fire and sit behind microphones unable to place properly their own Instrument of Fear . . . THE MASK.

Protests have erupted. The foot soldiers of the Sometimes Mask Wearing officials push our citizens around like tackling dummies during pre-season. Some courageous individuals have started to push back, bravely NOT taking "No" for a constitutionally-guaranteed response by the gun-toting police and national guard.

Yesterday a young man shoved a park ranger into a lake in Austin, Texas. The officer was trying to enforce social distancing on a group of people so young, the virus wouldn't stand a chance against them. Said young man has been arrested on a charge of attempted assault. There will be more of this. Much, much more.

My Hysterical Leftist friends, who rush off to protest at the drop of a spliff, remain unengaged. They want this to continue. It makes Donald Trump look bad. That's the only reason. They know the numbers. They understand the risk / reward balance is now completely reversed. They won’t stop until the election is over.

But, sadly, Liberals are working hard, probably for the first time in their miserable existences, to force us to Cower in Place as long as possible.

Will we?

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