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Ahh, Go Fund Yourself

Shelley Luther. Perhaps the Tip of the Spear?

Rarely do I indulge the GoFundMe altruistic types. Even the ones I know. If you want to raise money for something, unless you are completely without resources or talents, do it yourself.

We've become such a nation of helpless victims, I view GoFundMe and/or Kickstarter as the lazy person's lame attempt at financing something. Most of the efforts are for things that could be paid for if you, oh I don't know, got a regular job?

I will donate to something if the case is made with the effort normally associated with getting a regular job, or it's a health issue.

Or, someone like Shelley Luther.

Luther, in case you've shutdown so completely that you have assumed room temperature, is the Texas beauty salon owner, who told the authorities in the state to go scratch.

Ms. Luther did it in a kind and intelligent way, as opposed to my favorite approach which involves verbal C-4.

She made the case that her workforce had to feed their children. This is a legitimate lament as the lockdown HIT DAY 50! We've flattened the noble curve so much, it now sits below the X-Axis.

Shelley Luther was taken away by the police. The judge fined her $7,000 and sentenced Shelley to seven days in jail. She is currently incarcerated. Ms. Luther will face further legal fees and fines. She vowed to have this overturned. There is a strong possibility she will take on the state of Texas and the judge, and demand restitution.

I hope she prevails, and enforces the idea that the next time the state tries to pull a stunt like this, they will have to think twice. Or three times. Or more.

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