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Arithmetic for Liberal Dummies

Unemployment numbers alone lend credence to the continued shutdown as being almost five times as lethal as CV19, but does this shutdown play well for the Liberal Stooges or what?

I really would like to report on the bucolic region in which Lee and I find ourselves. The news, though, continues to find its way to us. Can't seem to get away from duplicitous governors, histrionic health care workers, and tone-deaf celebrities. If I hear the term, "The Novel Coronavirus" once more, I'm going to follow up my time travel book with "The Coronavirus Novel" . . . before every other mask-wearing failed writer gets the clever idea.

Next let me help out the unimaginative cyphers in the media. Here is a list of synonyms for "Unprecedented." unparalleled, unequalled, unmatched, unrivalled, without parallel, without equal, extraordinary, uncommon, out of the ordinary, unusual, outstanding, striking, exceptional, prodigious, abnormal, singular, remarkable, unique, anomalous, atypical, untypical, freakish.

I don't want to hear another commercial, PSA, or radio ads that starts with "In these UNPRECEDENTED times . . . " These times are no longer unprecedented.

Overbaked? Yes.

Overreacted? Yes.

Overdone? Yes.

Unprecedented? No. At this point, if you're talking about precedent, CV19 has set their precedent. It is done. You can put this one in the law books along with Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka.

To help out the room-temperature IQ types, allow me to leave you with a number, since the Hysterical Left likes to manipulate them to track with their narrative.

3.2 million.

3.2 million more people are new filers for unemployment this week. That totals out to 33 million in the past five weeks. CV19 has killed 70,000 people, IF you believe the inflated numbers, but let's accept them.

That means 471 people had their lives destroyed by CV19 for every death. If you accept the premise that even 1% of will commit suicide, get killed via violent crime which also rises during high unemployment, die due to delayed procedures and denied surgeries on hold unless deemed "essential" by the beneficence of Big Brother, AND pass away via neglect, then the shutdown is almost FIVE TIMES AS LETHAL as CV19.

If you compassionate types are okay with exchanging almost five lives for one in order to obey Big Brother and feed your warped sense of moral superiority, then understand the choice you have made.

It ain't a good one.

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